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Our Products.

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We provide a variety of products to Bee keepers, Farmers, Health practitioners, and the general public.

Our products are being developed to provide you with your Bee needs.

  • Apiary Management Services
  • Teaching

    We have a full line of teaching services.
    • Online Mentoring Small and beginner beekeeping consulting.
    • Live Mentoring Small and beginner beekeeping consulting.
    • Workshops have a workshop in your yard or teaching centre.Order Please order and open a support ticket in the order system to negotiate the details for your situation.
  • Pollination Products
    • We provide hives by the season. We put our hives on your land to provide you with pollination for your plants. Get as many pollination units you need.

      • 1 to 4 hives $180 per year. You provide bear fencing.
      • 5 or more $160 per year
      • To order If you are getting 5 or more units Please enter 'PollinationDiscount' in the

  • New Urban Hives

    Order here Want bees in your yard. These maintained hives are just the thing. See our urban beekeeping page for details.
  • Bees are sold out for this year. Orders taken for 2016. Order early to ensure you get yours.
  • 4 Frame Nucs
    Our nucs come from last years proven over wintered queens. Our program of selection ensure that you have a queen that will over winter well in Canadian climates.
    Shaken Swarms
    Bring us your inspected single box hive. We shake the queen and all her bees into it. We wait for her to lay than you take her home.
    We have queens ongoing all summer for your annual queen replacements. New queens have better wintering, disease resistance etc than old queens. Queens performance peeks in 2 to 3 years depending on genetics and how well they were mated. If we are out of stock we will backorder to our next round of production.
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