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Land wanted for beekeeping, breeding, and teaching operation.

Hi We are looking for a new home!

The operation consists of the fallowing:

  • Breeding yard. This is my primary breeding and teaching yard. It should be 3k from gmo corn in an area where it is harvested sustainably. Ie. At 10 to 20 % flower
  • Shop and tools
  • Equipment storage
  • Seed production for food focused on bee food
  • Teaching in the form of workshops, mentoring and apprentices.

The place(s) we need are a

  • Prominent spot for Teaching and breeder yard

    In this yard we will need space for groups of people to observe and participate in the processes of the yard. We teach general hive and yard management and queen and nuc production.

  • Mating yard

    This yard is where the queens produced in the breeder yard are raised and mated. It consists of many small hives with one queen in each.

  • The Workshop

    This is where we create and maintain our bee equipment. The shop is also used for creation of any wood related products needed.

    • Key equipment piece is a Universal woodworker by Crescent tools. It consists of 5 tools we have 4 of the 5. 27 inch band saw, 6' by 6 foot jointer, 1 1/4 spindle shaper, and a horizontal borer (drill press/lathe), and a missing 12 inch table saw all running of a single motor through flat belts. We have most of the parts to create a 8 x 12 timber frame shed to cover it.
    • Almost a full shop of power and hand tools table etc.
    • A current supply of wood. for projects such as bee equipment, yurts, toys etc.
    • I also have a small collection of carving tools. What to expand this.

  • Current personal space

    is a 35ft self contained motor home that currently provides power to the shop etc office etc though solar and generator power. A 35ft storage trailer for tools etc. and a 15 ft yurt under construction in the shop.
  • Farm tools in the collection are Combine for grain and seed production, click the feed the bees link for details. Small pull type combine, a thrashing machine (restoration project), a tractor pulled powered binder, a 12 ft dump box truck (only a one ton) and a small tractor. The tractor I use for working the bees. The grain equipment was acquired when the bee operation was expanding for the creation of bee pastures and securing land from GMO production in the zone. This area has experienced setbacks due to the massive ccd losses over the last 5 years This equipment has a home and dose not need to move at this time.
  • The Land

    . Preferred location is at least 3 K from the nearest GMO agra bis dominated farming. The Neonicotinoids have devastated my natural beekeeping operation and I have to get the girls to safe pastures.

  • The Community

    The community, other tenants Landlord. Should be into supporting, promoting and teach sustainable living. If they are active in teaching and workshops my expanding involvement would plug in quite well.

  • Term

    We are looking for and would prefer a long term engagement with the land and community.

  • If you have some or all of the requirement and are looking for help with your operations Please give me a call at 250-549-0126 Ask for Shanta or email me from the contacts page.

Last Update June 30, 2015

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